Celebrating 45 Years

A Message from FAF

We’re on a mission to be better by design – and bring sustainability to all areas of our business. FAF is committed to not only monitor current progress, but continuing our mission in corporate responsibility and sustainability. Through our thriving partnerships with our vendors and customers, we have been able to increase our sustainability efforts and lessen our impact on the environment.

At FAF we are working to reduce emissions across our company by offering sustainably sourced products from recycled materials that meet high social and environmental standards. We are pleased to be aligned with our customers in working to reach zero emissions by 2040. Alongside these efforts, we are continuously working toward our 2025 goal of certifying factories in recycled materials, reducing electricity consumption, and overall diverting and reducing waste from incineration, landfills, and our environment.

Looking ahead, in helping to build back forests and create habitat for biodiversity, FAF has made a commitment to partner with One Tree Planted an organization making a positive social impact by planting trees around the world in areas that have been devastated by natural disasters and repair damage caused by industry.

At FAF we know our biggest impact on people and the planet is in the product we create and the choices we make. We are committed to be better by design in finding innovative ways to be socially responsible for our associates, our customers, our partners, and our planet.

JoEllen Fiorenzano
President and CEO, FAF Incorporated